In machining, productivity is defined as the ratio between output and input.  Machining input includes the resources made available for production, i.e. operator, machinery, equipment, workpiece material, toolroom inventory and overhead.  Output is basically what gets done during the available production time.

Tool life
cutting data

Improving Productivity

1= Tool cost2= Material cost3= Machine cost4= Personal cost5= Factory cost

Modern cutting tools correctly applies and with optimized cutting data have a major cost saving effect!
It is estimated that cutting tools represent about three percent of the total production costs and will most likely be decreased in the future as development of cutting tool technology advances.  Savings on most tool costs will therefore only have a marginal effect and cannot compare with the savings that can be achieved by lowering the production costs through increased output.
By choosing high quality cutting tools and increasing cutting data, considerable cost reductions can be achieved.

Your Sandvik Coromant representative
A 20% increase in speed or feed can equal a 15% cost reduction.

Improve performance and results.  Your Sandvik Coromant representative can help select the best tools for your operation and show you how to apply those tools to achieve cost savings.

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