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Product Selection
Step #1
Analyze the sawing application

Machine: For most situations, knowing the blade dimensions (length x width x thickness) is all that is necessary. 

Material: Find out the following characteristics of the material to be cut:
• Grade           • Shape     
• Hardness      • Size
• Is the material to be stacked (bundled) or
  cut one at a time?

Other Customer Needs:
The specifics of the application should be considered. 
• Production or utility/general purpose sawing operation?
• What is more important, fast cutting or tool life?

Step #2
Determine the proper number of teeth per inch (TPI)
Use the Tooth Selection Chart on the right

A general rule for bundles: Determine the correct TPI for one piece and choose one pitch coarser for the bundle.

Step #3
Determine which blade type to use
Refer to the Product Selection Charts on the opposite page.  Find the material type to be cut in the top row.  Read down the chart to find which blade is recommended.  For further assistance, contact LENOX Technical Support at 800-642-0010.

Step #4
Order LENOX Sawing Fluids and Lubricants
... for better performance and longer life on any blade.

Lenox saw

Tooth Selection Chart

Square/Rectangle Solid
Locate width of cut (W)
Round Solid
Locate diameter (D)
Locate wall thickness (T)

Square/Rectangle Solid

Square/Rectangle Solid chart

Round Solid

Round Solid chart


Tubing/Pipe/Structurals chart



This patented, enhanced mechanical design promotes more efficient tooth penetration and chip formation, easily cutting through the work hardened zone. The MERCURIZE symbol denotes any product that can be MERCURIZEDTM. Consult your LENOX Technical Representative to determine if MERCURIZATION will benefit your operation.


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